The Korean In Me

I still can’t move on on the accidentally-deleted-all-my-photos incident and whenever I think about it and the pictures, I get frustrated and sad. Seriously, I really am stupid right? I tried to recovered it but heck, the programmer in me can’t really find a way. You know, this is my thing right? Technology is my thing. and I can’t do it? it sucks right? But moving forward, soon I’ll forget about it and I learned my lesson, I should be more careful! Lesson Learned!

So moving on. Here are some of the photos that I recovered! Gawd! I already planned on blogging this outfit and here I am I can only show you 3 pictures? Sorry for being so over-dramatic! I just— arrrgh. nuf said guys.

I am really a fan of Korean stuffs. I am not really a Kpopper, (unlike my sister who usually go to a meet ups or falling in a long line to buy CDs) but I’m a fan too. Though most of them are girls (my idols like Yoon Eun-Hye, Sandara Park, Sistar, Miss A, Susi and so much more) Since I do (sometimes) try wearing a Korean inspired clothes, here I am trying to be a 50% korean 😛

Feb 9, 2015_3444224How do I look? Comments are love!

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