Even if I don’t give information nor I explain further, my title here give it all right? Inception. Need I say more? Thanks to Leonardo (diCarpio) yeah, we’re really in a first name basis (fangirl mode :P) I almost forgot that I’m planning watch it again. well, after I post this blogpost I’ll watch it for sure. Going back to my post, Have you ever experience an inception?

According to meriam webster it is the time that at which something begins and according to my friend google, it is a noun (please read the definition below ūüėõ



but since I love the movie let’s stick to Leonardo’s definition of inception. A dream within a dream.

Last month, I experienced this weird dream. Yeah it is so weird that I forced myself to wake up. I had dreams that I really forced my eyes to open but I ended up sleeping again, but that time it was different, I actually forced myself to wake up I continue saying “Eyes, open up!” like it was a mantra for me or something and when I woke up I started crying. It wasn’t weird okay! it was a very bad dream. It was scary. The dream goes like this. I am in my bf’s house with my son sleeping in our room.(It wasn’t like a dream at all because actually we’re in my bf’s house that night.) I’m about to go outside the room to get drink when the door can’t open because the bed was blocking it. I’m about to move our¬†bed when I look into my son and he’s transforming into a man and moving towards me, that when I knew I was dreaming. I told myself my mantra and before he could touch me. I woke up, and I was crying!

It didn’t stop there. It was like a beginning of something. If I’m going to use the definition of webster, It was like my inception.

A week after¬†my scary dream, I’m with my bf and son. My bf’s in his laptop, my son’s playing and me, I’m doing my forever favorite hobby. lying in bed and about to sleep. As I close my eyes and I dozed off. It supposed to be peaceful, just an afternoon nap, but I was wrong I’m having a weird dream again, the environment change, the atmosphere became thick so I ended up saying my mantra. I know I’m having a dream, because¬†I can hear¬†my son laughing and I can see him, he’s still playing. I can see my bf in his laptop beside me I can see that the door of our room is still open. The only thing I didn’t see is me (I would freak out if I did because I don’t think I can experience another movie scenarios. Insidious? ring a bell guys!) anyway back to the story, I told myself my mantra. I told myself to open my eyes and after about 10 mantras I woke up. I didn’t stand up or did anything. I just lie in bed and observing my surroundings, I didn’t dare to close my eyes¬†anymore. But even if I didn’t close my eyes the environment changed again, I was no longer lying in bed, I was in a place that I don’t know.¬†I knew¬†that I was dreaming again So I forced myself to wake up and I did. Once I open my eyes again, I realized that I was in a dream within my¬†dream.

I experienced it again after 2 days. And I don’t know if what’s going on that time. I told this to my officemates. One of my officemates told me that it happened to her sometimes when she’s over thinking things. though it’s not an inception but it was a bangungot. My other officemate told me that in their place there’s a belief that a spirit’s roaming around when you’re experiencing an inception. For me, I still don’t know. I’ll need to investigate (lol) on this matter.

What can you say? Do you have the same experience? Comments are love.

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