Valentine’s Day 2015

I hope that it’s not too late to show you how I spent my Valentine’s day. I may be a fairy tale kind of girl but I do (sometimes) forget (by choice) who I am and what I want for my guy’s favorite past time.

I am not a professional love guru but I can share you a thing or two about being in love and staying in love. I believe that falling in love is not a choice but staying in love is! So this is how I choose to stay in love with him.

I asked him on how he wants to celebrate Valentine’s day. If he wanted to watch a movie or just play DOTA. I still remember how his eyes twinkle when I say DOTA. He was hesitant at first but I just told him that “I knew that it’s your dream date!” So yeah, We spent 3 hours I think or more playing DOTA2. He taught me how to play though I had a little background of it because I played DOTA and LOL.

I think as a woman, we always fond of the idea that guys should always make the adjustment and they should always sweet and they should always follow what you want but I think we still should remember that they are just people and they also want to be taken care of . They also want to share their interests with you.

I always find a way to know his interests and I always find time to do it with him. It’s either playing DOTA or just watch movies or playing basketball or just support him whatever what he wanted to do.

I always believe that if you don’t have a common interest then make one! Effort is one of the main ingredients of staying in love 🙂

What do you think? Comments are love 🙂


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