Helmet Diving in Bora

Before anything else I want to apologized for not updating this blog as frequent as I promised because I was busy recovering my pictures on my phone. I accidentally deleted the 2000 + pictures and the only backup I have is the Boracay escapades last January. So forgive me please (pretty please! :P)

This might not my first time to visit the Island of Boracay but this was my first time to try the activities. During my first visit, Helmet diving, Banana boat and the like were not yet discovered (or hindi uso). I enjoyed it back then, it was more peaceful and not crowded. But despite the downside of Boracay nowadays I enjoyed it more this time because I have my growing family with me.

We got a package worth 1200 php for Banana Boat, Helmet Diving and Fly fish. I enjoyed all those activities but I enjoyed Fly fish the most because I like extreme activities! (if you can call that extreme! hahaha!) I am surprised that I am in love with extremity because when I was a kid I easily got dizzy and scared! But I overcome those in each passing year! and here I am enjoying my life to the fullest!

So, Back to the Helmet diving experience. I warning you that you will get a really extreme earache! Extreme!!!! right? hahaha! I almost back out in the middle of the activity because of my ear. But I am happy that I didn’t because the experience was wonderful!

Sooner or later you will not remember how your ears hurt but you will surely remember the feelings and the experience you experienced when you go under the sea! (I almost sing the song Under the sea of Little Mermaid!!!) So I encourage you to try Helmet diving! and Banana boat! and Fly fish. We’ll try ATV and parasailing next time 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures of our adventure. Enough with the exclamation point! (I said enough sidney!)

What do you think? Comments are love!

Till next time! Tata!










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