When you found friends who are willing to go north pole to south pole back and forth then you have friends for keeps. Having friends is not based on how long you knew them (but of course it’s a big factor!!) but it is the duration you stay being friends. I don’t have lots of friends but what I have is enough for me.

Having friends it not about the quantity but the quality, I have friends that betrayed and used me before as I told you at one of my blogs (Son Won Dong ft Barney and friends) I used to be bullied. But that didn’t stop me from finding my true friends.

So here I am now with my first few new friends in Accenture. How can I tell that these people are friends for keeps? Simple. They made me happy all the time. We share almost the same interest and they accepted me as a bipolar, snob, funny, smart, sexy, pretty and humble person. What’s not to keep right?

If we share two thing in common it will be the love of food and sucker of freebies! In our almost 3 months of friendship we conquer Makati! (lol! OA mats) but seriously we eat a lot. It may not be as frequent as we like but it is enough for us to bond.

And now the two of them leaved us because they’re roll off on the project but I hope know that we’ll still be friends no matter what, we’ll plan our next bonding and soon we’ll share the laughter and stories we share. We may have misunderstandings, fights and we may hate each other once in a while but these factors will make us strong and whoever will be at the finish line with me for sure even if you’re annoyed with my tactlessness or my witty comments or me being humble all the time, I will stick to you like a bubblegum in your shoe. Sticky and wet 😛

See you soon friends! until our next bonding (this friday, I’ll be baking and we’ll laugh and eat!!!)
Meet my friends! We called ourselves The Guardian 🙂 Sino ako diyan? Can you guess?
Comments are love.

Till next time, Ciao!

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