Ang Tundo Man Ay May Langit Din

Living in Tondo since birth is not bad for me. I know the bad history of the place but it is my home. But recently bad guys are scaring us by killing people because of their selfish acts. I don’t know the whole story but they say that groups of syndicates want to kill each other and several civilians were caught in between their war. Before I’m not bothered with what’s happening. I read few posts on facebook and I think that it’s not serious at all but last night, these bad guys were roaming around Tondo with their guns.

Some jokes about this incident that Asiong Salonga has part two already, at first I still can laugh about this but as times goes by and as it worsen I cannot laugh at all. What did our local government do? Nothing. As of now they have done nothing but silence. How can they ignore us? Few civilians were hurt already and people are afraid and Our very own Asiong Salonga is nowhere to be seen.
Please pray for us. They say that history repeats itself and I think it is now happening in Tondo,
Lord please guide us.

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