Paul Frank Be Mine

My first post for February! yey! one of my favorite months. Just want to greet advance Happy Valentine’s day! Here goes my post.
Since my mother got me a Paul Frank panjama, I can’t help myself but to adore this little monkey. I don’t know but it’s a love at first sight for me. So whenever I found a shirt or whatever with a Paul Frank designs I become crazy over it and I always have a “fangirl” face! 

Just like when I found this sleeveless blouse in 168, believe me it’s Paul Frank!!!!! (I just can’t zoom in it. Sorry.) Also, for those who’s a Paul Frank addict (like me) I found a Paul Frank store at SM Aura, surely I will buy a thing or two from there though I will save a lot of money because it’s pricey but for Paul Frank it will be worth it! What can you say? Comments are love!

Till next time, Ciao!

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