Lolo Kiko’s Visit

My First blog post this year should be our trip in Boracay though I suddenly realized that I should first share how it was a wonderful experience seeing Pope Francis even from afar.

I’m always active on Facebook so during the visit of the Pope I read lots of posts about their encounter to the Holy Father. One of my friends post that she almost cried when she saw the Pope. Some cried and some were overwhelmed, I didn’t understand why. Yeah of course it’s the Pope were talking about but he is also a human being right? So before I met or saw the Pope. I didn’t have a clue of why they have that reaction upon seeing him.

So last January 16 together with my sisters we decided to see the Pope in MOA. We waited for almost 3 hours and when I saw the Pope, yes it was just 3 seconds I think and he’s not even looking at our direction but it was overwhelming. I can’t even described what I felt. goose bumps all over my body, and if ever the girls in front of us were not irritating at all it may be the perfect 3 seconds of my life.

After what I experienced, I can now fully understand what they felt that time. even when I watched the coverage, the mass at Tacloban, the mass at Luneta, The event in SMX I found myself crying. When I saw pictures of him with his genuine and sincere smile I can’t help to smile too. That’s how contagious Pope Francis is. I just hope I can see him again next time. He visiting us or me visiting him, I don’t now but one thing is for sure. I’ll see or meet the Pope again in person 😛

Till next time, Ciao!

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