Song Do Won ft. Barney and friends

Hi guys! This was supposed to be posted last year though I forgot to published it so please allow me to edit the time and date though please forgive me for the permanent link. It sucks!!!!!
This would be my last post for the year 2014. Sorry for my throwback post but there are more to come! lols. hahhahahha! 
Before anything else, I’ll give you a piece of me today. When I was in High School, if we’re the same age and year, I’m the least you want to become friends. I don’t know why but that’s the truth about me, but I am not a loner let’s just say that I am an outcast. My classmates don’t want my guts, the main reason is I am childish. They don’t like me being loud and carefree, but I still managed to have friends. I have friends that were my classmates, though not plenty but enough for me. They are true and accept me for who I am.
I don’t really care about being loved before, I just want to play and want to live my life. That’s the thing when you’re childish and carefree. You enjoyed life to the fullest and never care about others. That may be the reason (I think) why most of my classmates didn’t like me.
You may think that my high school life was a disaster. You’re wrong. My high school life may not be like most of you guys. T’was not perfect, but it was a memorable one. 
When my sister became a freshie, I was in my junior years. Being a FC as ever, I started to socialized with her friends. I even spent my Christmas party with them for 2 years, I don’t know when it was started but before I graduated my sister’s friends became my friends. Some of my fellow classmates may not accept me for who I am but my sister’s friends did. I don’t know if we had the same mindset or whatever but look us now. We’re still friends. some of them are the godparents of my little macho. I treated them as my own sister and brother. Sure we had our ups and downs but they are still here for me and I am still here for them.
Forgive me for my loooong introduction. So here it is. How I celebrate my day with my friends. 
We had lunch at Song Do Won, thanks again to my loving mama for this #voucherdate. Since it was taken last July I may not give you a good review about Song Do Won, just a couple of pointers. First, if you like to order an extra rice just keep it in mind that their extra rice cost 50 php for a single serving. 
Lastly, You may want to order the Beef Bulgogi Hotpot because it’s superb! The sweetness of the stew plus the freshness of the vegetables and beef. I almost had a mouthgasm! We ordered another one of this! You should try it.
I really enjoy eating in a Korean restaurant because of the free side dishes. Ulam na kasi siya. They are generous with their servings unlike other cuisines I tasted and tried. Korean cuisine is one of the best!

After eating at Song Do Won, we continue our escapades at MOA to watch She’s Dating The Gangster. We really like the book so we’re excited about watching it. We enjoyed the movie though we’re searching for the other scenes found in the book. Having my macho watch it was another experience for us because it was the first time my macho entered a cinema unfortunately we can’t keep him quiet inside, so we heard a lot of “sssshhhhhh” hehehe. Also, Keyn kept singing the most memorable line on the movie “Go sexy, Go sexy, go sexy sexy love” with matching dance steps. It was sooo fun to watch.
After watching, we again ate at a pizza parlor I can’t remember the name. (sorry for being lame >.<)
After that, Photo Op!

They said that they’re blessed to be my friend but actually it’s the other way around. I am blessed to have them. They saved me from being a loner (lol!) I may have few friends but they are true.
Till next time, Ciao!

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