Movie Star Cafe

Last June we ate at the Movie Star Cafe at MOA. Thanks again mama for the #voucherdate

First of all, I had high expectation know why? because I heard great things about this restaurant. So did they exceed my expectation?

On the cosplayers yes! they did a tremendous job in entertaining us and making our night a memorable one. You will definitely end up smiling even if you’re at home and reminiscing the moments you had there.

The food on the other hand is a big nah ah for me. Considering that it’s an eat all you can restaurant, I recommend that you order on their menu instead on the eat all you can. why? There are few choices in food. I expect a somewhat like in Yakimix or other eat all you can restaurant but you’ll find a single row of food to choose from.

The service in terms of drinks. We waited for 5 to 10 minutes for the water and to think that the water station was beside us and the waitress station was beside the water station. Can you get my point? hehe

Other than that. It’s a wonderful experience thanks to the entertainers and also to the one who did the most amazing job! If you happen to encounter Mr. Mime don’t let him go. He’s a good catch. (lol. parang pagibig lang. hehe) He made our night. A night to remember 🙂 Even today, I still remember what he did that night.

Till next time! Ciao

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