Baguio June 2014

First things first! I have to warn you this is going to be a looooooooong post 😛

We celebrate Independence day and my niece’s birthday in Baguio. After I don’t know when finally I came back! This is super duper special to me because I came back with my men. hart hart na! 😛

It was raining last June but heck! we didn’t stop. Rain or shine, Baguio it is!

First Stop. Our lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. We’re so lucky because when we came there’s an ongoing mass. I’m not sure if it’s the first time that I visited the Manaoag but I made a wish anyway.

After our stopover in Manaoag and after a few hours we arrived in Baguio. We stayed in Teacher’s Camp just beside the famous White House. Yeah right?! so creepy right? we have to pass right the creepy house to go to the nearest store to buy goods.

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights so bitin right?

Our first stop was the Mansion, Actually I don’t get it why it became a tourist spot but what the heck photo op din to 😛

We had lots of fun when taking these pictures. kasi puro kulitan lang. these 4 photos are the most okay out of  the 15. It’s my baby brother’s fault actually 😛

We settled for the Mansion and went to SM Baguio to buy goods for this trip. So there Day 1 in Baguio ends.

On our next day, our first stop was Baguio Cathedral, Unfortunately there wasn’t a mass so we just offered our silent prayer. I’m a little bit disappointed on what happened beside the Cathedral. Before there was a biiiig empty space. I love it the way that way, t’was more peaceful and more solemn than now. The empty space before became a tiangge now. Sarap diba. lols

If you noticed that I’m always on the front, it is because I have the monopod with me. See I came prepared right?

Anong sinabi ng DSLR nila? lols.

Next is the Grotto. We conquered the 252 steps! Horay! My macho’s really enjoyed the view. Obvious naman right? we offered a prayer for my Inang and light candles.

Next were SM Baguio and Burnham Park since they’re near each other. My little macho enjoys the boat ride and didn’t want to leave but due to the rain we had to stop the ride and of course the non stop paddling and endless turns (due to the lack in experience on how to paddle XD) made us dizzy. Went back to the Teacher’s camp to rest then Kenneth, Lynsey, Jas, Dabs and I went to palengke to buy pasalubong.

We ate dinner at the 50’s Dinner. It will be on another blog post because this post alone it tooooo long already 😛

We spent our last night drinking and talking and on our last day we went to wright park for my macho to ride a real horse. A few months ago before we went to Baguio I promised myself that the next time my son rode a horse it will be real. So there I kept my promise.

Can you see the butterfly? Not all of you may know that we lost our dear grandmother last 2013, she was very dear to me. She took care of me when I was a baby and being a great lola, she still cares for me even if she’s in heaven.She’s guiding me that time. I am really an accident-prone. I fell on a tree once when I was a kid. maybe that’s the reason she’s guiding me. She thought I might fell on the horse that time. Don’t cha worry Inang I will be careful na so that you will not worry about me.

and then to the mines view park though we didn’t enjoy the view because of the fog. We ended up buying extra pasalubong and took pictures.

I don’t know why I post this picture. I know some find it chaka but I find it cute kaya.

After going to mines view park we head back to the Teacher’s Camp to checked out and for more pictures!!!!

Happy girls are the prettiest right?

This trip was one of the highlights of my year. You see my sister’s bestfriend and my sister from another mother went to Dubai and will stay there for I don’t know how long. and this will be our last trip for a loooong time.Also, my mommy Linda went to Canada after a month. Traveling with my family was the best thing that happen to me this 2014. Will definitely looking forward for our 2015 escapades.

So there! How we enjoyed Baguio!!!!!

Till next time. Ciao!


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