Part of growing up is the way your problems grow too. Not just having a nightmares when you’re a kid or petty things like why is your crush doesn’t like you or why do you have pimples. something like that. When we’re kids our world is not that big like what we have now. Kids have simple ideas in mind and are open minded while we have the ability to complicate things and close our minds if the ideas are contrast to what we know.

I hate to say this but can I still be a kid? When a mother’s hug is always the best thing in the world!!!! can I go back to the times when I cry because I have a wound in my knees? It’s pathetic that when I was a kid I want to grow fast, and when the time comes that I am an adult I wish that I can go back.

Life is fair, but the people are not. they make our life’s more complicated than it is. They make us suffer for the things that we’re not deserved. but how can we fight? how? I think the best way to fight is when to not care at all and let them see you succeed. that’s the best revenge of all! Let them realized that you are someone, someone who’s capable to fight, someone who will succeed even though they are the hindrance.

I know! because that’s what I’m planning to do! I’ll add them all in facebook! follow them on twitter and will make them realized that I am not a person that they can messed with. I will show them that sometimes you have to meet those people to make you realized that you have a better life than them.

Someone asked me if he can talked to me, I said I have no reason to talk to him. Why? because why give them a satisfaction of cleaning their conscience? Pampalubag loob na lang yun. Don’t give them a closure because it is more dramatic when you give them the closure they want when you are above them. or give them the closure they want when you have gucci shoes on your toes or you’re friends with the kardashians or with Paris Hilton. 🙂 I am not giving the man what he wants. because I want him to remember that he’s the reason why I need to be successful and I will be back for him and I will kill him! hahahhahaha.

If we meet again, I just want to asked this simple question. “Are you happy?” I will not asked them how are them, because obviously they are fine! (ruining others lives) Just 3 words. And let that 3 words shake their lives!

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