Westnuk: A Secluded Paradise

Hi gals! First I want to apologized for not updating my blog often, due to some circumstances and because of my current addiction, reading novels via wattpad. Yeah hahahha. sorry for not updating.
And now, Summer isn’t over yet, I think, so I want to share with you guys my experience in Westnut to give you an idea on your next summer outing. I want to share with you this awesome experience in this secluded paradise. Hope you’ll enjoy!
I’m not a beach kind of person, I am more of a swimming pool kind (I don’t like the saltiness of the beach, chlorine is more bearable for me. hahhahha.). Why? maybe because I can’t swim all the way to the nth feet or I don’t like the saltiness and the sand that will stick inside your swimsuit. but don’t get me wrong, I may not like the beach but I don’t hate it either, let’s say it’s 60/40 kind of likes. But sometimes even though I’m not fond of beaches I can’t help myself but to mesmerized by its beauty. The color of the reflection of the sun when it’s rising and setting. the clear water, the fine sand. I may not like it but I can appreciate it.
There are only 3 beaches that I liked so far, The beach in Boracay nung hindi pa ganun kapolluted. in Marinduque because I can clearly open my eyes under the water (ng hindi nasasaktan ang mga mata ko) and I can swim endlessly, plus the scenery. gaaawd! I miss Marinduque :(. and lastly, this! the beach in Westnuk Beach resort in Bataan. Yung malinaw at malinis na tubig na kala mo hindi nahahawahan ng polluted na tubig galing sa Manila bay o sa maduming Ilog Pasig. Yung isdang maliliit. And the privacy. Yeah Westnuk is the only beach resort in the area. It’s inside the Bataan Nuclear PowerPlant and it’s Government owned and a public beach resort, though I think you need to make a reservation first.
The accommodation is good but not that great. Limited rooms in the mini hotel but you can camp near the shore. ohhh I miss camping. 🙂 There are cottages that can accommodate 500+ visitors. you can also rent a videoke and sing to your heart’s content. 🙂
Another thing that I enjoyed here is that it’s not over populated. since it’s somewhat a secret place because who could have known that there’s a paradise inside the nuclear power plant?
I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not for you but for me it is. Limited ang signal. Yeah as in Limited. Smart lang ata meron dito and hindi lahat ng place kasi sa may pwesto ng panglife guard lang meron. It’s a good thing for me because I got a chance to rest my social networking account and just focus on my family and the beautiful scenery. I can calm myself and just relax. Para akong nasa bahay ni Kuya at wala akong pakielam sa outside world! hahaha
Enough of my kaemohan and below are the pictures. Please enjoy 🙂

Since I am not a kid anymore naks! hahahha, And I am more conscious of my skin and aware of what will be the effect of the sun to my skin so I always bring this whenever we have a swimming getaway for 2 reasons only; one is to protect me under the sun and lastly to prevent me from having a sun burn. Who wants to have a sun burn? I remember when I was a kid when I really don’t care about my complexion or what will happen to my skin after endlessly enjoying the swimming pool or the beach under the sun so ang ending, hindi ako pwedeng matulog ng nakahiga. why? because of the sun burn of course. ever since when I reach the age of self-consciousness (hahahhaha) I started using this sunblock. This is a must have for your next summer gateaway! don’t forget okay?

Dermplus sunblock can also use for kids, yeah. since I have my 2 year old baby boy, I always look for a kid friendly everything! hehehhe! Just want to make sure that whatever I can put on my body can also be use for my son. easy and safe. Para less na din ang dala kapag nagaouting! hahahha.

Till my next gateaway! see you next time 🙂

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