2 Years and 9 months After

3 months to go and my little macho is turning 3 and I have these moments when you think that your little baby’s growing too fast and you can’t do about it. Yeah! this happens to me all the time! hehe. Me, having a full time work and can only play with him at weekends and super late nights when I came home and he’s still awake. I always remember the first time he smiles, so precious so priceless. One of the perks of being a mother is seeing and experiencing your little ones do little things that are so priceless that for you are always little big things!

Seeing him walking without any help! eating by himself, talking and saying I love you to us! are my precious memories of him. What a wonderful experience right? Being a mother give me a joy that being single never give. Yeah I have responsibilities now, a forever responsibilities but I won’t exchange the experience and happiness of being a mother for being single.

How I wish that my little macho will not grow and will always be my little one but I know that’s impossible. I just let him grow as a good person, God fearing and will always love us no matter what 🙂 and in my heart he will always be my little macho 🙂

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