Mama’s special day at Hwangso-Ga

Hi gals! another throwback post for you! Here’s where we celebrate my mama’s birthday last March. It’s also my first time (actually all of us, I think) to eat in a korean buffet restaurant at Hwangso-Ga. How cool is that?

My mom got a voucher worth 100+ or 200+ pesos for the lunch buffet but the original price is 349 php. not bad right? You can choose a variety of foods and they’re are really good. Try to make your own ssambap. they have lettuce to choose from and a lot of bulgogi and other meat. 🙂 for those who doesn’t know what a ssambap is here’s a little explanation. Ssam means wrapped, refers to a dish in korean cuisine in which, usually, leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat such as port or other filling and usually accompanied by a condiment. Awwww, naalala ko tuloy si princess Janel na sinubuan si prince Gian ng ssambap sa isang episode ng my princess hours! 🙂

They have this step by step instruction on how to make a bibimbap and korean banquet noodles.

This was what we really enjoy! hahahha! for the first timer this was the best thing to do. cooking!

after we finish eating and make sure there’s no room for any food in our tummy! hahaha. we continue to celebrate at Robinson’s bowling center.

Till next time 🙂

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