The Magic Stays With You

Hi gals! Another #thowback post for you guys! Here’s a little something something on how we (Kenneth and I) celebrate our love month and anniversary together with my sister and my niece and of course my little macho.
First I want to share with you guys how to go in EK! this is not my first time at EK but this is my first time to commute. we take a cab from our house to JAC Liner Gil puyat going to Balibago (landmark :Waltermart Santa Rosa) cost : 65 php (more or less) the travel time is around 45 minutes to more than an hour depending on the traffic. when you arrived at Waltermart Santa Rosa you have to go to the back part of the mall where the Tricycle terminal is. cost around 10-15 pesos each. travel time 5-15 minutes! easy right no sweat!? though my original plan was riding a shuttle for a hassle free travel but we chose a much cheaper way. Which was a good decision by the way 🙂
So now! the magic begins! hihi. 
actually we only rode 4 rides because of the crowd. haba kasi ng pila and mayrong nagfieldtrip. kamusta naman diba? but nevertheless we enjoyed it. Kenneth won 2 major prizes. Keyn enjoyed the slides and other rides though we need to wait for a couple of minutes before he start to laugh. takot pa kasi sa una.
Sabi namin babalik kami. and I promised to myself that I will ride the space shuttle 🙂 #bucketlist
Until next time 🙂 comments are love 

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