Lakbayaw Festival 2014: pista ng Sto. Niño de Tondo

So here’s another backlog post last January 2014 ( I think we’re officially done posting throwback events last year so say hello to 2014 moments 🙂 ). If Cebu has Sinulog Festival, of course! we on the other hand “ang mga anak ng tondo” have lakbayaw festival 🙂

yung una mga sto niño ang pumaparada then, the most awaited part aside to the Sto Niño de tondo 🙂

Lakbayaw na!!!!!! Lakbayaw came from the words lakbay and sayaw wherein naglalakbay ka habang sumasayaw. Lakbayaw is a contest wherein different Barangays or Tribus compete to win.
Lakbayaw starts at 3 pm in the afternoon and ends at 9 pm or later. sometimes it ends at 12 midnight.

my macho’s enjoying his self 🙂

Here’s a bunch of guys and gals we met at the parade. hehehe. this little guy (below) sat down at one of our chairs to rest and viola! instant celeb. hehehe! we took selfies and groupies with their group. my macho (upper) looks tired right?

And This (below)! are Gods Gift. hahahahha! yung iba puro katawan lang but if you look really closely you can find a couples or more decent guys. waaah! look at their abs.

So until next lakbayaw festival 🙂

Comments are loved! ♥


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