Mae-San Bakery

Hi gals! another backlog post for you guys! I really wanted to post all my happenings last year to give way to the happenings this year. hahahha! so magsawa muna kayo sa backlog post ko ah 🙂

Here’s my rate about the Mae San!
RateService :  ☆ (3 out of 10)
Food :             (3 out of 10)

I don’t know if what was the worst their food or their service. Actually we didn’t plan to dine here but since the place is cute why not dine in right and try their food. that’s the biggest mistake we ever did. (hahhaha! OA)

the service was not good at all, servers didn’t know what the taste of the food they’re serving. We want to buy chocolates for Christmas giveaways and we’re waiting for at least 30 minutes before they entertain us. they’re too busy doing something even though they don’t have many customers that time.

The food! niserban nila kami ng panis na coffee jelly tapos tinanong namin sila if kung yung coffee jelly ba talagang maasim. and they’re clueless. talk about food and service right?

They asked us if we want to refund the money or if we want to order,. since I’M really craving for Spaghetti that time, I thought why not right? give them a second chance. and pak! I am right when I told to myself don’t let your hopes and expectation set too high! hahaha! 

The spaghetti’s ordinary. kahit ano naman basta spaghetti nikakain ko e pero huwag lang yung super asim. hehe. nagpatustado din ako ng toast bread. pero haaay. waley. kasing lamig ng yelo yung food. 

So there! if you are going to decide, what would be the worst, their service or their food?

Till next time guys!


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