Pampered Feet at Beauty and Butter Sm San Lazaro

Hi gals! Another backlog post for you guys.

Since January this year, my mother, sister and I started to pampered ourselves. Though I don’t know if it’s coincidence that we’re all stressed and we need to release it in order for us to move forward and not to burst out crying. It may be the bright side of being stressed. Stressed ka pero kasama mo sila at nakakapagbond kayo. hahahahha! we should always look into the bright side in order to move forward. Well, enough of my kachurvahan.

Last January, we pampered ourselves at Beauty and Butter at SM San Lazaro. we got their Footspa Mandarin with orly pedicure and their beauty and butter facial.

The services were nice except for the fact that the nail technician that assigned to me forgot to put a lotion for the final touch. I don’t know if it’s because she’s not focusing on her work since we’re laughing with them, but my mother and sister got their fair share 😦

and when we had our facial, after putting creams on our face, yung nagpefacial kay mama tumanggap ng customer for footspa then simultaneously, she’s doing my mom’s face and other’s foot though she used alcohol for sanitized her hands but. yeah talk about hygiene right?!

And Oh! they have hidden charges. like 100 pesos each for filling (footspa service)

And they’re suggesting that my mother should by their products for the dry skin 10 times!

other than that, it was a good service.

Should I recommend it? yes, if there’s nowhere else to go. but if you have another place in mind try it first.

Would I return? hmm. I think? but they should remove their hidden charges first.

Till next time guys!


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