Kogi Bulgogi Lucky China Town

Hi gals! waaaah! i miss this feeling! i miss to blog. right after new year my hectic schedule began since ang hirap humanap ng time to blog. (forgive me guys!). so since I am a little bit I-don’t-care-what-will-happen-if-I-got-caught mood. hehehe. here’s a back log post. We ate at Kogi Bulgogi last January 4, 2014.

Here’s my rate!
Service :  ☆ (7 out of 10)
Food :       (7 out of 10)

My sister and I want to try korean foods for the past years now. and if you take away the experience from Mr. Kimbob. It’s  my first time to eat at a korean restaurant. hahahaha! ( i think? ) 

So here’s my verdict.

All orders comes with FREE side dishes though I can’t tell you what are those side dishes are. hehehe.
Oh! I love the word Free! hehehe


Here’s the bibimpap 🙂
I didn’t order it but I taste it and it’s delicious. and spicy if you add the chili paste (hindi ko alam ang tawag. hehe) and the kimchi.

Tuk bulgogi

This is the highlight of what we ordered. and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! great for rainy and/or cold days. I could eat it all day 🙂 and my little macho loves it too.!

The sweetness of the stew + the tenderness of the beef + the vegetables + the noodles = heaven!!!!


 Fried rice
 Bulgogi Ssambap.
Kasama din to sa highlight of the day. hahaha! though I like the Tuk bulgogi better 🙂 I like the combination of crunchy lettuce with rice and bulgogi. the freshness of the lettuce plus the stickiness of the rice plus the sweetness and tenderness of the beef = almost perfect dish 🙂 also a must try. 
Nafeel ko na din yung pagkain ng rice with lettuce and something something like in korean dramas! Oh the moment nung sinubuan ni Princess Janel si Prince Gian sa Princess Hours ng ssambap (sweetness overload). hahahha! perfect for my first time!!!!!

Forgive my sister 🙂 hehehe. what a good way to end my post right? #bullyme #bullybigsister
hehehe 🙂
till next time!

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