Hi gals! this is not about an outfit post or travel and food post. it is just a random post that I wanted to share with you.

Recently I challenged myself to join at 100happydays.com that I learned from my sister. Why I join? it is just simple. I want to try and the mechanics are easy. plus nainggit ako sa kapatid ko. hahahaha!

Here’s the mechanics.
You have to post a picture showing why you are happy. via FB, instagram, twitter etc. for 100 days! you should post once per day and should not missed because once you missed even just a day you failed the challenged. Easy right? well we’ll see. Once your challenged is over you will receive a little book with a compilation of your 100 happy days.

Let’s track our happiness. maybe after 100 days you’ll see what you are missing and what you have. it is a good way to appreciate big things or even little things that we have or experienced.

Do you want to join? Do you accept the challenge? Just register at 100happydays.com and tell me what’s your hashtag so I can see your post.

I am on Day 4 of my #100joyfuldays so I can show you my joyful days from day 1 – day 3

my day 1 🙂

Day 2 🙂

and day 3 🙂
what’s yours? Comments are love 🙂 until next time. 

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