Royal View Seafood Restaurant MOA


Service: ☆ (7 out of 10)
Food:      ☆ (7 out of 10)

Cheers to my mother for being a metrodeal, ensogo and cashcashpinoy suki 🙂 She is the reason why I have food blog post outside BGC taguig. hahahha! Every time she told us that we’re going to eat at a restaurant she always says “Baka kasi wala ka na malagay sa blog mo!” hahhaha! thanks mama, you’re the best! kahit alam ko yung mga statement mo na ganyan nangiinis lang. and since I started blogging, binibigyan mo na ako ng damit, and you always bring me to the 99 store near your office:) hehehe. I love you very much! tama na at baka maiyak pa ako 🙂

so enough of me being corny. here’s a food blog post for you guys! enjoy the food. hehehe. I think  metrodeal, ensogo or cashcashpinoy have deals pa for royal view seafood. and it’s worth a try. Their foods are delicious. yuuuuuummmm. I love all of the foods except the chicken because it is not well done, I don’t like foods with blood because I think it is not healthy to eat.

 Forgive me for not posting the name of the foods because I forgot all of it. hehehe 🙂 though some of the dishes are easy to identify like the food below. it is wanton “something” if I am not mistaken. So what do you think? comments are love 🙂

This is my and my macho’s favorite of all the dishes! 

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