Christmas and Yellow

Before we proceed to my post. I have something to share to you guys! As I search for suppliers for the wedding, I found this article Happy after ‘Ever After’. I don’t know guys but this gives me a creep in a very good way. The article was written by Wawel Mercado a loving father and husband for his wife for their 14 year wedding anniversary. I recommend this to all of my readers if meron nga. ahhahaha! you’ll be inspired by their story. I wish for them to be happy in heaven when there’s no suffering and pain. I know that they are happy now with each other, holding one another while watching their daughter. Hope you’ll be inspired too. I was teary eyed after I read it. I wish I had the chance to meet this wonderful family.
And now, here’s my outfit post. Since I am going to be busy for the next weeks or days or months. magpopost na ako hanggang sa kaya ng schedule ko 🙂 hahahhaha!
I wore this dress on my last day of work last year! December 21, 2014. yeah! I am on Christmas break for almost 2 weeks! I wore this at my previous job’s Christmas party. So how’s my look? Comments are love!
we had a visitor !!!!!!

Here’s my favorite shot of all the pictures. Ain’t I look adorable? hahahhahaha! nagtaas na naman ako ng sarili kong bangko.

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