Under 500: Printed

Before anything else! I want to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I’ve been MIA this past holidays. Sorry about that. I have important announcements (wow! announcements!hahahaha)
First. I will be blogging/posting my holidays before posting for new ones, so sorry for the backlogs guys!
Second. I’m going to be busy for the following months because I am re-launching my Beads at war shop. and planning a wedding!
YES! you read it right. I am planning a wedding. MY COUSIN’S WEDDING hahahahha! for 4 months! watta challenge right? 4 MONTHS!  so I am going to be very very busy since I am going to design the outfit of the whole entourage. hahahhaha! plus being a wedding planner, I will also design their invitations. actually lahat na ata. kulang na lang ako ang bride. hahhaha! pati pagiging photographer gusto ng pinsan ko ako. now, did you get the picture on how busy I will be?  but I’ll be blogging once or twice a week to keep you updated.
But before that. here’s my first outfit post this 2014! yey! also this is my first time to wear a maxi dress. so many first time! I kept the brown palette to keep it safe since I have no idea on how to a balance and accessorized a maxi dress. So how’s my look? comments are love 🙂
PS. would you believe that my heels cost 150 php only? hahahhaha!
PPS. MY maxi dress worth 230 php. and 50 php for my belt.
SO PASOK PALA SA under 500 🙂 hahahha. see you later guys!

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