Denim Shirt and Military Cap

Hi dear readers! if I have. hahahaha! here’s my backlog outfit post. I wore this outfit when I watched Catching Fire. so I have a guess that you already know how old this outfit post. for those who doesn’t know it is more than a month old. So here’s my last outfit post for you guys this year! and what’s great about this outfit is nothing! hahhahaha! chos. actually this is my first time to share an outfit wearing a short and wearing something boyish. so how do you think about this outfit? Comments are love 🙂

This simple outfit is a justification that you can be fashionable without spending any cents. why? because what I am wearing from head to toe are found in my closet 🙂 almost pala kasi I borrowed the cap from my baby sister. here’s another advantage of having a sister! sharing of things and stuffs that you both loved. I am 2 years older than my little sister but we have the same height. almost the same built. the only thing that I can’t borrow from her is her shoes! because she’s a size 7 and I’m a size 5 or 6. that! is not funny. I love her shoes! 😦

Until next time gals! Have a Happy and bless New Year

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