Banapple X 2

If there’s one thing that my officemates and I had in common is our love for food. So every time we have a chance to unwind, bond and eat, we grab it.
This is my first time to eat at banapple so here’s what we ordered.

Cheese and mushroom pie for only 85 pesos. If you’re a type of person that don’t eat strong, this is not for you! Look for someone that you can share this with. This is actually too much for a single servings. also sulit ang 85 mo! too bad I am not so fond of cheese and mushroom so I can’t taste this.

Terrific tuna sandwich for only 140 php. can you see the spread?

Chicken breast parmigiano – ang daming servings para sa 200 right? this is worth it. I promise you!

and the Hickory Smoked Barbecued Chicken Ribs. This is my order. The sauce, the tenderness of the ribs and the fried rice. HEEEEAAAVEN! one of the best things I spent for 200 php. 
I think this is my first time to see a restaurant that has a hook under the table for bags. Amazing right?

Since we’re very impressed at the services and foods of banapple we tried again. for the second time!

Here’s what I ordered. breaded fillet of cream dory with honey thymed mustard sauce. One of my favorite fish is cream dory because it melts in your mouth. and cream dory is so versatile (I think. hahahha) The only thing that I don’t like about this dish is the mustard. there’s an after taste that I really don’t like but all in all this is great! 

Because I am craving for something sweet we ordered msyter-reese’s wicked pie. It’s not as sweet as I imagined but that’s what I hoped for. Sweet but not too sweet. my ideal kind dessert 🙂 hehehe. So what are you waiting for? Try to eat at Banapple this Christmas 🙂

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