Less than 500 php: White Crochet

Hi gals! This post should has a topshop dress for the comparison unfortunately, I can’t find the dress on internet or in the shop so instead of style for less, I made it under 500 php. hehehehe.
I don’t know why but I am inlove with crochet clothes lately. I will forever inlove with crochet 🙂
So here I am once again to inspire you (Naks!) I think you will be in shock when you find out how much this whole outfit cost. I am a lover of 168, Divi and night market, WHY? because you can find outfits that are pretty, cute and classy for cheaper amount. I will post here next time my favorite stall in 168, 999 and Divi. and be your personal tour guide. hehehe 🙂
this top is so comforting, the only problem here is that I look fat. ain’t I? What do you think?

Crochet top 150 php
White undergarment – 50 php

leggings – free. borrowed from mom 🙂

necklace: free, made by yours truly 🙂

shoes Soulmate 199 🙂

All in all this whole outfit cost 399 php 🙂
So What do you think? Can you also put off outfit for 399 pesos only? please let me know, I want to see your look.
Ciao for now 🙂
please be careful guys and don’t forget to pray.

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