Zark’s Attack

Here’s another food post from your #feelingfoodblogger hehehe 🙂 We celebrated our friend’s/officemate’s birthday Kylle at Zark’s Burgers 🙂  Of course most of you knew it right? so for those who doesn’t here’s a little something something for you guys 🙂
This place is jump-packed with people! and we’re number 4 on the waiting list. But the wait is all worth it. ALMOST worth it. why? There’s one food that all four of us didn’t like. What’s that? Keep reading 🙂

kevin-brandon-the birthday boy kylle and bern 🙂

and meet my photographer 🙂 he’s my secret weapon. hahahaha 🙂 Thanks to him I have lots of pictures to post here for you guys!

They have the best fries dip ever. The fries are ordinary homemade fries but the dip! I must say is a total winner. Believe me when I say that it really is delicious because I myself is not a fun of dipping sauce. This is my first ever dipping sauce (Aside from ketchup and mayo combined together) that I actually fell in love with. LOL 🙂

I didn’t try this because I am not into nachos and can you see the cheese? Yuck! hahaha. sorry I am not a cheese lover 🙂 but my friends told me that this is also a must-have 🙂

we got excited and order lots of starters right? Hindi kasi namin alam na may fries na yung burger na inorder namin. so much for the excitement right?

All four of them order Jackhammer.

And here, lovies is my order black mamba. It should have cheese and mushroom though as I mention before I don’t eat cheese and mushroom. 
Four thumbs up for this! 150 php only (with fries and drinks) and I’m super busog na. though I don’t recommend to eat the patties alone because the barbeque rum sauce is a little bit strong so you should always eat with the bread. plus the texture is not that smooth.

This! guys and gals is the sad part. This wings ‘n chips is not as good as it looks. They should remove this in their menu. Why? the taste is really disgusting. I can’t really describe the taste aside from disgusting and really spicy. The spice took over the entire chicken and you cannot taste the chicken at all. YOU SHOULD NOT ORDER THIS! PERIOD! 

All in all, Zark’s a great place and I would return and eat again. I just have to keep away with the Wings ‘N Chips 🙂
A little something somehing again-They are open for franchising 🙂

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