Hi gals! here’s another outfit post. I don’t know why but I am not into skater skirt when they were first introduced. but here I am wearing this black and white detailed skater skirt and boy look how good it is.
I paired it with my 3/4 sleeve white (I don’t know what to call this top, can you tell me? just comment here. please help me!) top. My sister help me on the tops that will look good on skater skirt and as I searching for a right top in my closet. Boom! this top popped. Like a magic, telling me “Wear me with that skater skirt and promise it will look amazing!” and I just did. lol! so How’s my look?

This is my family. They are so important to me I kept our picture close to my heart How? just purchase at BeadsatWar. Their chain can be until the chest area, (get it? until the chest area?) Immortalized your picture. They say that the photos are the hard copy of memories right? so what are you waiting for? keep your love ones close to your heart like what I did.
bracelet also from beadsatwar

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