Chatime Pepper Salt Chicken Chops

Hi gals! I know you already knew about chatime. I knew chatime a long time ago but just recently I tried their products. why? I really don’t like milk teas. I don’t know why but I don’t like the after taste.
My favorite tea from them is the Winter Melon Lemon with extra coconut jelly. 🙂 though it has an after taste but it didn’t last long so it’s okay.
Around 6 pm, my officemates decided to go to chatime for a refreshing drink, though I didn’t want to order, I just want to have bonding moments with them (ewwww. cheesy! hahaha)
I said that I don’t want to order my usual but as I scanned the counter, there! the chatime eat right in front of me. since I forgot to eat my lunch, and a bit starving. I tell them that I want the Pepper salt chicken chops.
We waited for our orders, a bit of groupie won’t hurt right? 



cool right? when your order/s is/are ready that thing (sorry I don’t know what to call that. hehehe) will light up and vibrate. 

Even if it’s close you can smell the aroma of the chicken.

if you like the aroma of the chicken you will definitely love the taste of it. It’s flavorful. and yeah it tastes like curry though I don’t know if it’s because of the pepper. It’s a bit of spicy also, because of the pepper. two thumbs up for me. 🙂 really delicious. for 75 pesos only. the spending is worth it, I promise 🙂
did you try it already? and for those who doesn’t. try it and please let me know what you think 🙂

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