Manila Ocean Park Adventure

Last march we went to Manila Ocean Park. How it went? Please read to know 🙂

We purchased our discounted ticket on one of the biggest buying websites in the Philippines (sorry I forgot where we purchased it so I just typed buying website, I don’t want to give false information to you guys 🙂 )

Our tickets include 12 attractions/shows

  • Oceanarium
  • Sea Lion Show
  • Marine Life Habitat
  • Musical Fountain Show
  • Jellies Exhibit
  • All Star Bird Show
  • Birds of Prey Kingdom
  • Penguin Talk Show
  • Fish Spa
  • Antarctica
  • ( I remembered that we didn’t visit the birds of prey kingdom and fish spa because of the time. Also one of the attractions needs two tickets. Marine life habitat and Sea Lion Show are 2 shows in one. but still you need two tickets.)
    All in all we seen 9 attractions. Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show, Marine Life Habitat, Musical Fountain Show, Jellies Exhibit, All star bird show and Penguin Talk show( I told you one of the shows/attractions needs two ticket right? The attraction that needs to two tickets is the Oceanarium)
    Here how it went.
    For some reason I am really excited on this trip why? because my macho really loves fish and other sort of animals so I know he will enjoy (the perks of becoming a mother 🙂 )
    We walked from UN LRT station to Manila Ocean Park.
    We saw a playground so we decided to play first. (kids at heart right?)

    Plus my little macho’s enjoying 🙂 
    we arrived! finally 🙂 Our first attraction/Show is the Sea lion show and Marine life habitat. It’s really amazing how they train the sea lion.

    Next is the Oceanarium. We saw different kinds of fish and species there, plus we found nemo 🙂

    The Penguin Show was sooooo fun! as in. He’s so witty and funny. We learned so much about penguins.

    Next is the Jellies Exhibit, we stay here to rest because we’re so tired. my little macho and my mika (niece)  played a lot here. because of the space and we can sit on the floor.

    The colors of the lights are entertaining and amazing. I wish I had this at home 🙂

    We don’t have pictures on Antarctica and All Star Bird Show.
    Due the lack of time we didn’t visit the birds of prey kingdom and fish spa.
    But the most amazing part is the Musical Fountain show. It’s the most amazing and relaxing shows of all. I thought that the musical fountain in Luneta park is amazing but wait till you see and watch the musical fountain of the manila ocean park. Sad to say my Keyn’s sleeping that time so he wasn’t able to watch the musical fountain. we’ll come back soon just to watch the show.
    I rate it 7 (high points goes to the musical fountain show, but if it wasn’t for that show, my rate would become lower.) They made the Manila Ocean Park Good and amazing on TV ads but on reality? All I can say is, there’s always room for improvement. A lot. So there. our Manila Ocean Park adventure.
    Did you visit the Manila Ocean Park? how was it? please let me know.

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