Too Lazy to Dress Up

Hi gals! another outfit post 🙂

As the title goes, yeah I am too lazy to dress up so here I am with jeans and long sleeves. This is my comfort zone in terms of fashion. tops (blouse, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeve less) and jeans. This is my forever look I think because it is so easy to full off. I can wear it whenever or wherever except for weddings, debuts and other special occasions of course.

I’m trying to show off my shoes. hahaha. it’s cute right? though it is a little heavy but hell, I can walk and I can run with these so why should that be a problem. And you may say that It’s white. but believe me it’s easy to clean up, just use wipes or damp towel to wipe of the dirt and viola! good as new 🙂

Just trying to be funny i guess?! hahaha.

I like these two photos (above and below) though sad to say, it’s blurred. I like to make it my DP so sayang T_T
I look like a spider girl on the picture below. I wish it’s not blurred but what can I do? I just have to move on right? The art of moving on. hahahaha!

So how’s my look? Please let me know. 
What I’m wearing
  • Long sleeve – 168 mall (150 php)
  • Jeans  – 999 mall (295 php)
  • shoes – 999 mall (350 php)

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