Black Corporate Dress

Hi gals! Another outfit post 🙂
I wore this many times already during my defense (college days), interview and my office attire so I would like to share this outfit with you. A pretty nice corporate attires that can make you feel confident and pretty.
Why should you have this kind of corporate dress? Because you can wear this outfit in many ways possible. I wore this one time with a belt. during my group defense and I may say that it looks good. I chose to wear it with pearl necklace today because I wanted to know the limitation of this dress in terms of accessorizing it. 
See how it poops?!

I also love that this dress comes with pockets. 🙂
To finish my look, I paired the dress with my rusty lopez wedge heels. Would you believe that I got this at 700+? and I’m using it since May! (kung lalagyan mo ng presyo na 200 php from the day that I bought it till today, which is 6 months multiple by 200 = 1200 php! I already got my investment back or should I say quota na ako sa wedge heels na yan 🙂 )
Though the front is simple and plain, the details is on the back. A bow that really adds an attitude.
Think of this dress as a blank canvass, you will be the painter that will make this blank canvass appealing, beautiful and elegant.
They say that only wear clothes that make you feel pretty and this dress did.
So, How do I look? please let me know. 🙂
*details soon. forgot the brand of the dress.

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