My Little Macho

I want you all to meet my little macho.

Born on August 22, 2011 at Makati Med.
My first angel and gift from Above.
My happiness and my everything.

 He loves to eat
He wants to eat on his own already, though you will need to keep an eye on him because he intended to play on his food if his already full.
 he also loves to swim and taking a bath
he loves playing ball too. he already knows how to dribble, shot and catch. 
he loves sweets like candy and ice cream

he thinks that all his stuff toys are baby
wanna know why we called him macho? Can’t you see his big tummy? and his muscle?

he sleeps and sits like a boss (like his father 🙂 )
He turned two last august 22. and here’s a little message for my little macho 🙂

Dear my little macho,
Happy birthday! I already posted my message on facebook but this is different. hehehe. I am so proud of you baby! because you became sweet, caring, smart, clever and witty. I wouldn’t be complete without you. you are the other half of papa and mama. I hope that when you are able to read it you’ll be touched 🙂 You will always be my happiness and my little macho. You’re my greatest achievement in life. I love you!
Always and forever,
So this is my lovable, witty and sobrang kulit (na minsan sarap ng sapakin pero syempre joke lang!) na baby he’s name is KEYN B. DUMANTAY (KI-YAN)
this is the perks of becoming a mother 🙂 

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