Denim on Denim


Hi gals! Another outfit post 🙂

I am inlove with denim tops though never figured out where to pair it with. I always thought that it will be off if you paired it with denim shorts or denim pants but I was wrong. See how lovely it is? Denim from top to bottom 🙂 labEt 🙂




I added this wire wrapped necklace (top) and kenon bracelet (bottom) to compliment the details of my top and I wanted to show you my li’l bit of a rocker chic side. (I think) hahahha!


And to finish my denim and denim look I wear my solemate shoes to add a little color. 

so how do I look?


What I’m wearing:

  • Denim top – 168 mall (250 php or 150 php)
  • denim pants – 168 mall (295 php)
  • kenon bracelet – Beads at War (100 php)
  • shoes – solemate (399.75 for 2)
  • necklace – 168 mall (100 php)

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