Boyfriend Requirements


We (girls like me) do have requirements or standards for a certain guy especially for an ideal boyfriend. sino ba namang walang ideal or dream guy right? so here is my list:


Who doesn’t love the hottest and most lovable vampire in the fictional world? Even I fantasized him to be mine. But I am not pertaining to the character of the movie. I am pertaining to the book which really captures my heart (and soul) I remember that I called every person I know who read the book just to spoil me on what will happen on a certain scenario. why? because, that time. I am palpitating, nervous and excited at the same time that I wanted to know what to expect. and yeah, it doesn’t matter for me if I know the flow of the story before I read it and of course you can spoil me and tell me about the whole story. It doesn’t matter to me at all.

I admired, loved, had a crush, on Edward Cullen. The Blood sucking, mind reader and hottest vampire. I got so kilig that time. 🙂 but like any other dreams. I moved on. hahahaha. but wait until I read the book again. malay mo naman diba we can never tell 🙂




I really am not in a mood to dress up so I got my over used twilight blouse partnered with jeans and solemate strapped sandals and I am ready to go.


What I’m wearing:

  • Twilight blouse (350 pesos)
  • jeans (295 pesos)
  • solemate strapped sandals (299.75)

so how do I look?

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