Price of giving birth

I became pregnant at the age of 19 and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at the age of 20. So for those who are pregnant at the very young age and don’t know how to manage. maybe I can help you on those stages.
Like most of you who are pregnant or became pregnant at the very young age, I was also afraid on telling my parents about my situation. Actually, it took me 6 months to let them know since they noticed my baby bump. Yeah! they noticed it not the other way around. I was toooooo afraid. And my fear of getting scolded block my instinct that I should tell my parents about it. And I badly need a mother that time.
Okay, I want to help you by giving a list of hospitals and their prices.
First Perpectual Succor Hospital. Located in España.
Check up : 200 pesos*
Admitting : 15,000 air-conditioned room  *

Second. St. Lukes Hospital. Quezon City
Check up: 200 pesos*
Admitting: 15,000 normal pesos non air-conditioned room *

Third. Metro Doctors Poly Clinic and Lying In, located in 251 LAKANDULA ST, BGY 34, ZONE 003 TONDO, MANILA
Check up : 150 pesos*
Admitting: 6000+ air-conditioned room*
lastly, Makati Medical Center
Green Card Application – 25 pesos*
Check up: Free
Admitting: Normal delivery package – minimum of 20,000 air-conditioned room *
CS delivery package – minimum of 35,000 air-conditioned room *
as long as you avail their Green Card, which is available for non-Makati residents, You can have a free check up and Normal and CS package, discount on Laboratory fees inside the hospital. Plus your newborn baby will have a free check up, vaccine (if available) and medicine. Though Green Card is subject for approval.
Now, you can worry no more on finding the best and cheapest way to give birth. Makati Medical Center is where I gave birth, and all I can say is that, they really have a good service.
*As of 2011. Prices can change without public notice.

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