Express yourself

Hi, this is my first blog, so I hope you will finish reading until the end 🙂

What will be the better way of expressing yourself aside from posting on social networking site like facebook, twitter, instagram and so on? If you ask me, I think one of the best way of expressing yourself is through personalized things.  According to my friend Google,  personalized means pointedly referring to or concerning a person’s individual personality. (Thank you Google :P) See, by using personalized stuff you can show your personality without doing something.

Ever since I can remember, I fancied on personalized things and DIYs. I even created my invitation on my debut last 2009, designed my gown, even created my AVP. (you can tell that I am a control freak. yeah, maybe 75% of the time.)

So as I express myself through personalized things, I will show you the stuffs I made and purchased.



My first ever personalized and DIY planner.

I like planners, as of now I have 3 different planners (book-kind planner, table planner and my DIY and personalized planner), but this one is my favorite because of the obvious reason.  It showcase my creativity right? I only used MS Word for this project also I used highlighting marker and pen to make the border shown on the first picture. I used my Creativity, technology, marker and pen to express myself.

I copied the idea of using sticky notes and placed it on the right side of my planner on the K-drama Ghost.


Next is my bracelet, since I love personalized things, I purchased this wired name bracelet right away. And I never regret my decision. Having a wired name bracelet is like wearing a nameplate in a fashionable way. Since it has your name, the chance of having the same wired name bracelet is very small if not 0% chance. So you can be confident to wear it wherever and whenever. Also, this is easy to match up with other accessories or outfit. By the way I purchased it at haute girl couture please do check out their store by clicking the link. thanks




I made these bracelet after watching tutorials on youtube. My favorite color is yellow and black that explain the second and last picture. Also the caged bead bracelet has this shining shimmering beads that I adore, another thing to be happy about is that it’s black that really blends on the silver chain. The first picture showcase my creativity and uniqueness. the swirl and the spiral with the transparent blue beads is love. All these and other personalized and handmade accessories are available in our shop beads at war if you do have time. please check it out.

These things scream and express what I love, want, like and adore.

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